LP Ranch Angus Cattle

Our goal as a registered cow/calf operation is to provide our clients with top-notch herd sires and replacement females. We breed for thickness, calving ease, milking ability, weaning weight, and overall good looks. When selecting our cattle we make sure that the cattle meet three criteria:

  1. Heavy Boned
  2. Climate Adapted
  3. Terrain Ready

The terrain is rough and we treat our cattle in a way that will allow them to be ready for any conditions.

All calves are weaned around 7 months of age and preconditioned for about 21 days on a creep feed and forage ration. At that time we then separate the bulls from the heifers and turn them to pasture to grow at a range ready pace. If the good Lord willing we might have a field or two of wheat to turn the bulls on to. The weight of our bulls at 12 months will average right around 1000 pounds. These bulls are ready to go to work with a certified semen test and up to date shots. They will not fall a part when turned out on cattle for breeding.