About LP Ranch

Our Story

The LP Ranch began as a cow/calf commercial operation and in 2002, we became mainly a registered herd consisting of Black Angus.

There are 2 types of ground on the ranch. The first is hills that are rough and rigid. The second is a bottom with soft ground consisting of lush grass. Our climate can be a bit contrary. We have hot summers and cold winters. Not everyone’s idea of dreamy weather. With the rugged country and ever changing climatic environment, our cattle are naturally developed to be adaptable.


Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughey


Madison McConaughey

General Manager

Justin Paxton

Ranch/Cattle Manager
Monument Ranch

Obie Wilson

Ranch/Cattle Manager
Schleicher County Ranch

Bailey Boydstun

North & Kellogg Ranches

Urbano ‘Champ’ Balderas

Schleicher County Ranch